P. Eon 圖形設計學院

TPadd assoc. We cooperated with XUEXUE to open the P. Eon Graphic Design Academy in 2021. It is a full-year aesthetic training program focusing on visual communication, planning art and design courses to integrate internationally. We attach importance to whether the characteristics of the students can be applied to the work and practice in the work. Provide a learning environment for workers who aspire to become better design and art professionals.

臺北設計與藝術指導協會於 2021 年與學學合作開設 P. Eon圖形設計學院,是專注於視覺溝通的全年度美學培訓計畫,以接軌國際為目的規劃藝術與設計教程。我們重視學員特質是否能落地於作品、實踐於工作。提供志向成為更好的設計與藝術專業人士的工作者學習環境。

FW 2021
Second Semester Curriculum 下半學年課綱
Flat Color and Graphic Design
     From basic modelling to graphic creation, viewing colours, proportion configuration and other practical exercises.

     Graphics Application
1. (22/9/2021, Lecturer: Hsien Chen Tsai. (Paixpro))
2. (28/9/2021, Lecturer: Hsien Chen Tsai. (Paixpro))
     Color Application
1. (24/9/202, Lecturer: Hsien Chen Tsai. (Paixpro))
2. (30/9/2021, Lecturer:  Hsien Chen Tsai. (Paixpro))
     Image Communication Workshop
(2/10/2021, Lecturer: Hsien Chen Tsai. (Paixpro))

1. (22/9/2021,蔡賢臻 (和平製品) 授)
2. (28/9/2021,蔡賢臻 (和平製品) 授)
1. (24/9/2021,蔡賢臻 (和平製品) 授)
2. (30/9/2021,蔡賢臻 (和平製品) 授)
(2/10/2021,蔡賢臻 (和平製品) 授)
Motion Graphics and Visual Narration
     Integrate concepts, technologies, directors and screenwriters, art, proposals, etc., to complete multiple abilities required for dynamic works.

     Videos for Commercial Use
(12/10/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Identity and Publicity
(19/10/2021, Lecturer:  Rex Hon.)
     Campaign Film
(26/10/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
(2/11/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Program Packaging
(9/11/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Filming and Computer Graphic
(23/11/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Video Production
(30/11/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Multi-approach of Filming
(7/12/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Production Process
(4/12/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Art Set
(21/12/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Motion Board
(28/12/2021, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Presentation: Storyboard
(16/1/2022, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Presentation: Style Frames and Motion Board
(4/1/2022, Lecturer: Rex Hon.)
     Film in Space
(11/1/2022, Lecturer:  Rex Hon.)
(18/1/2022, Lecturer:  Rex Hon.)

(12/10/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(19/10/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(26/10/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(2/11/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(9/11/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(23/11/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(30/11/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(7/12/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(4/12/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(21/12/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(28/12/2021,洪鈺堂 授)
(16/1/2022,洪鈺堂 授)
(4/1/2022,洪鈺堂 授)
(11/1/2022,洪鈺堂 授)
(18/1/2022,洪鈺堂 授)
Critical Design, Speculative Design, Design Fiction
     This course takes Critical Design, Speculative Design and Design Fiction as the core of the system and explores the extraordinary definitions derived from the design and social evolution.

     This unit outlines new design theories that affect the world, such as speculation, criticism, and illusion. It challenges the definition of design in the industrial era with a revolutionary manifesto and uses exhibition cases to demonstrate how design can arouse people's thinking.
     Speculative Design
(6/10/2021, Lecturer: Chiao.)
     Critical Design
(13/10/2021, Lecturer: Chiao.)
     Design Fiction
(20/10/2021, Lecturer: Chiao.)
     Contour of Exhibition
(13/11/2021, Lecturer:  Chiao.)

Theme Exploration
     Questions about reality always come after understanding. This unit uses the lecturer's master's research project at California ArtCenter to guide students to dismantle topics from different dimensions, analyze what is known, and reconstruct reality from an open and multi-directional perspective.
     Discursive Design by Nations
(17/11/2021, Lecturer: Chiao.)
     Worlds of Consumer Electronics
(24/11/2021, Lecturer: Chiao.)
     Time Space
(18/12/2021, Lecturer: Chiao.)
     Social Structures
(15/12/2021, Lecturer: Chiao.)
     Technological Myth
(29/12/2021, Lecturer: Chiao.)
     Real Boy
(5/1/2022, Lecturer: Chiao.)
(5/1/2022, Lecturer: Chiao.)

     Areas of Interest
(27/10/2021, Lecturer: Chiao, Digital Medicine Lab.)
     Topics & Research Materials
(10/11/2021, Lecturer: Chiao, Digital Medicine Lab.)
     Prototype Review
(22/12/2021, Lecturer: Chiao, Digital Medicine Lab.)
     Physical Prototype Review
(19/1/2022, Lecturer: Chiao. Digital Medicine Lab.)
     本課程以批判(Critical Design)、推測(Speculative Design)以及設幻設計(Design Fiction)為課程核心,探討設計隨同社會演化所衍生的非尋常定義。

(6/10/2021,何樵暐 授)
(13/10/2021,何樵暐 授)
(20/10/2021,何樵暐 授)
(13/11/2021,何樵暐 授)

     對現實的質疑總在理解之後。此單元以講師於加州 ArtCenter 的碩士研究課題,引導學員進行不同向度的主題拆解,以開放、多向性視角,解析已知,重新築構現實。
(17/11/2021,何樵暐 授)
     CE 多重宙
(24/11/2021,何樵暐 授)
(18/12/2021,何樵暐 授)
(15/12/2021,何樵暐 授)
(29/12/2021,何樵暐 授)
(5/1/2022,何樵暐 授)
(5/1/2022,何樵暐 授)

(27/10/2021 ,何樵暐、Digital Medicine Lab. 授)
(10/11/2021,何樵暐、Digital Medicine Lab. 授)
(22/12/2021,何樵暐、Digital Medicine Lab. 授)
(19/1/2022,何樵暐、Digital Medicine Lab. 授)
Graphic Design as Creative Medium
     This course uses three units of :“Material and Context, Spatial Composition, and Mimicry” to gradually clarify the critical relationship between spirit and form in graphic creation to lay an in-depth and accessible creation method for students.

     Cultural Inheritance and Thought Colonization
(1/10/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
In the first class, students will sort out the development and transformation of visual language, think about originality in the works, and the will behind various classic forms.

Material and Context
     This unit guides students to clarify the relationship between self and creative materials from life experience, derive “primordial” through “results”, explore their consciousness of viewing, understand choices in chaos, and find the foundation of creation.
     Deconstruction and Collection of Life Experience
(7/10/2021, Lecturer: Kayn-Ken Chen.)
     Subject and Object
(14/10/2021, Lecturer: Kayn-Ken Chen.)
     Planned Collection
(21/10/2021, Lecturer: Kayn-Ken Chen.)
     Identity and Multidirectionality
(28/10/2021, Lecturer: Kayn-Ken Chen.)
     Emotion and Image
(4/11/2021, Lecturer: Kayn-Ken Chen.)

Spatial Composition
     This unit uses mixed media to reconstruct students' understanding of three-dimensional space and reinterpret and perceive planes with three-dimensional experience.
     Color of Space: Interpretation and Individual
(11/11/2021, Lecturer: Yaode JN.)
     Space Modeling and Sampling
(18/11/2021, Lecturer: Yaode JN.)
     Projection and Composition
1. (25/11/2021, Lecturer: Yaode JN.)
2. (2/12/2021, Lecturer: Yaode JN.)
     Midterm Assessment
(9/12/2021, Lecturer: Yaode JN.)

     Through this unit, students will deconstruct the two-way metaphors between author and work, image and meaning, understand the symbolic nature of the form and style of design in society, and establish a self-identified visual communication pattern based on the principle of honesty.
     Deconstruction of Styles and Forms
(16/12/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
     Worldview Setup
(23/12/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
     Social Positioning and Language Strategy
(30/12/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
     Practice: Context and Interpretation
1. (6/1/2022, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
2. (13/1/2022, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
     Dialectics of Thought and Self-questioning
(20/1/2022, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)

(1/10/2021,彭星凱 授)
第一堂課將為學員梳理視覺語言的發展與變形, 、思考原創性在作品中的存有,與各種經典形式背後隱含的意志。

(7/10/2021,陳楷恩 授)
(14/10/2021,陳楷恩 授)
(21/10/2021,陳楷恩 授)
(28/10/2021,陳楷恩 授)
(4/11/2021,陳楷恩 授)

(11/11/2021,Yaode JN 授)
(18/11/2021,Yaode JN 授)
1. (25/11/2021,Yaode JN 授)
2. (2/12/2021,Yaode JN 授)
(9/12/2021,Yaode JN 授)

(16/12/2021,彭星凱 授)
(23/12/2021,彭星凱 授)
(30/12/2021,彭星凱 授)
1. (6/1/2022,彭星凱 授)
2. (13/1/2022,彭星凱 授)
(20/1/2022,彭星凱 授)
SS 2021
First Semester Curriculum 上半學年課綱
The Core of The Graphic Design
     This course explores the picture based on objective theories to describe the causes of subjective feelings and provide a rational basis for the profession.

     Documentation of Sketches
(15/3/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Understand and observe, draw, and correct the methods of specific object modelling.
     Geometries and Shapes
(16/3/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Learn to train visual balance ability with abstract modelling and draw a logo blueprint.
     The Symbolic of the Graphics
(18/3/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Understand the information symbolized by the graphics, and simplify the shape reasonably.
     Languages of Color
(22/3/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Understand basic colour theory and application case analysis, and understand the logic of colour matching.
     Aesthetic Fundamental Theory
(23/3/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Explain the objectivity of beauty; complete situational pictures with basic graphics.
     Shapes of Type
(25/3/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Understand the structure of Chinese and English glyphs, write skeletons, and draw blueprints for artistic characters.
     Composition and Visual Psychology
(29/3/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Learn to deconstruct the layout level and distinguish the functionality of the text in the layout.
     Unspeakable Language
(30/3/2021 , Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Understand the information symbolized by images, train perception and expression skills through collage
     Photography and Image
(31/3/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Understand the interpretation of photography types, the methods of viewing and editing.
     Practice of Printing
(1/4/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Learn basic printing principles and instructions for finalization, and feel the influence of materials on design.
     Final Assesment and Resources
(6/4/2021, Lecturer: Hsing-Kai Peng.)
Final proposal and image review exercise. And introduce extended reading and learning resources.

(15/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(16/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(18/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(22/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(23/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(25/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(29/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(30/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(31/3/2021,彭星凱 授)
(1/4/2021,彭星凱 授)
(6/4/2021,彭星凱 授)
Typography: From fundamental to experimental
     This course ranges from the visual principles of basic font typography, the practical application of text in brands, books, user interfaces, etc., to the possibility of experimenting with text typography.

     Typography Elementary: Letter Type
(13/4/2021, Lecturer: Joe Chang.)
     Typography Elementary: Word Line
(20/4/2021, Lecturer:  Joe Chang.)
     Typography Elementary: Column Layout
(27/4/2021, Lecturer: Joe Chang.)
     Typography Elementary: Subtlety History
(4/5/2021, Lecturer: Joe Chang.)
     Typography Fundamental: Lettering workshop
(8/5/2021, Lecturer: Joe Chang.)
     Typography Application: Typography through the Eras
1. (11/5/2021, Lecturer: Florence Fu.)
2. (15/6/2021, Lecturer: Florence Fu.)
     Typography Application: Typography in Branding
1. (10/8/2021, Lecturer: Leo Huang.)
2. (17/8/2021, Lecturer: Leo Huang.)
     Typography Application: Typography in Book Magazine
1. (22/7/2021, Lecturer: Jiao Yu Sie.)
2. (29/7/2021, Lecturer: Jiao Yu Sie.)
     Typography Application: Typography in UI Design Web
1. (6/7/2021, Lecturer: Jouhua Hsiang.)
2. (13/7/2021, Lecturer: Jouhua Hsiang.)
     Typography Application: Lettering workshop
(14/8/2021, Lecturer: Joe Chang.)
     Typography Experiment: Experiment with Letterform
(3/8/2021, Lecturer: Joe Chang.)
     Typography Experiment: Experiment with Layout
(7/9/2021, Lecturer: Chung-Yi Yeh.)
     Typography Experiment: Experiment with Media
(31/8/2021, Lecturer: Ting-an Ho.)
     Typography Experiment: Experiment with Texture
(24/8/2021, Lecturer: Andrew Wong.)
     New craft typography workshop
(12/9/2021, Lecturer: Showshow Craft.)

(13/4/2021,張軒豪 授)
(20/4/2021,張軒豪 授)
(27/4/2021,張軒豪 授)
(4/5/2021,張軒豪 授)
(8/5/2021,張軒豪 授)
1. (11/5/2021,傅曦瑶 授)
2. (15/6/2021,傅曦瑶 授)
1. (10/8/2021,黃國瑜 授)
2. (17/8/2021,黃國瑜 授)
1. (22/7/2021,謝喬伃 授)
2. (29/7/2021,謝喬伃 授)
1. (6/7/2021,向柔樺 授)
2. (13/7/2021,向柔樺 授)
(14/8/2021,張軒豪 授)
     排印實驗: 字形
(3/8/2021,張軒豪 授)
     排印實驗: 排版
(7/9/2021,葉忠宜 授)
     排印實驗: 媒體
(31/8/2021,何庭安 授)
     排印實驗: 材質
(24/8/2021,黃家賢 授)
(12/9/2021,陳仲揚 授)
Contemporary image and photography editing
     This course is through thematic seminars and editing practice in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional exhibition space. Experience the multiple particular narrative dimensions of images, the interlanguage of static and dynamic images, and the extensibility of image media. [1]

     Philosophical Thinking towards Image
1. (28/4/2021, Lecturer: Yi-Ting Chung.)
2. (15/9/2021, Lecturer: Yi-Ting Chung.)
Through group discussion, I will think about the various distortion and narrative possibilities of photography in contemporary image creation. First, through the literary text, the changes in photographic composition and self-reflection are carried out; then, the cultural theory text is used to explore the posture and movement of the image author and extend to the problem consciousness of image thinking.

     Introduction: Linear and Non-Linear Narrative
(7/4/2021, Lecturer: I–Hsuen Chen.)
     Editing Implementation: Photograph Editing
1. (5/5/2021, Lecturer: I–Hsuen Chen.)
2. (12/5/2021, Lecturer: I–Hsuen Chen.)
     Strategy of Image Creating
1. (30/6/2021, Lecturer: I–Hsuen Chen.)
2. (7/7/2021, Lecturer: I–Hsuen Chen.)
     Era and Image, Daily and Object
(14/4/2021, Lecturer: Manbo Key.)
     The Metaphorical Relationship between the Context of Taiwanese Films and Visuals
(16/6/2021, Lecturer: Manbo Key.)
     The Metaphorical Relationship between Films and Visuals
(30/6/2021, Lecturer: Manbo Key.)
     The Impetus of Underground Culture and Contemporary Visual
(14/7/2021, Lecturer: Manbo Key.)
     Deconstruction and Discussion
(21/7/2021, Lecturer: Manbo Key.)
     Time, Place, and Memory
(21/4/2021, Lecturer: Manbo Key.)
     Images Stories
1. (11/8/2021, Lecturer: Hsiang-Lin Wang.)
2. (18/8/2021, Lecturer: Hsiang-Lin Wang.)
     Poet of Space
(8/9/2021, Lecturer: Hsiang-Lin Wang.)

[1] At the end of the course, students will use their images to complete a photo book in Indesign or hand-made.

1. (28/4/2021,鍾易庭 授)
2. (15/9/2021,鍾易庭 授)

(7/4/2021,陳以軒 授)
1. (5/5/2021,陳以軒 授)
2. (12/5/2021,陳以軒 授)
1. (30/6/2021,陳以軒 授)
2. (7/7/2021,陳以軒 授)
(14/4/2021,登曼波 授)
(16/6/2021,登曼波 授)
(30/6/2021,登曼波 授)
(14/7/2021,登曼波 授)
(21/7/2021,登曼波 授)
(21/4/2021,王湘靈 授)
1. (11/8/2021,王湘靈 授)
2. (18/8/2021,王湘靈 授)
(8/9/2021,王湘靈 授)

[1] 課程最終,將會用個人的影像創作,以數位或手作完成本攝影集。
Awareness and Interpretation Experiment
     This course uses the irregularity of the perception structure and uses painting as the medium of expression. It invites professionals in music, performing arts, yoga, and curation to create various scenes that involve sensory experience, guide students to explore the quadrants of personal perception and expand their Visual expression vocabulary.

Abstract Sketch
     Examine how the stimulus and response affect the creator's reproduction of the experience, and challenge the existing cognitive models such as clarity, mode, integrity, and the present.
     Abstract Sketches
(8/4/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Abstract Collages
(22/4/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Motion Images
(29/4/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Interpretation of Cognitionss
(5/8/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Paint above Vision
(2/9/2021 Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)

Translation and Interpretation
     This unit will use the body as the medium of spatial experience to return to the original and reconstruct the creator's feelings and understanding.
     Interpretations of Sound
(15/4/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Expression of Movements
(6/5/2021, Lecturer: Xiao-Gao Gao.)
     Depiction above Consciousness
(4/9/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Meditation: Spiritual Perceptions
(26/8/2021, Lecturer: Prasadini.)
     Depiction above Tactile
(9/9/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Perception of Time
(19/8/2021, Lecturer: Chia-ming Wang.)

Exhibition Practice
     This unit will guide students to transform the abstract into the concrete, complete creative practice with exhibitions, and return to rationality by discussing, defining objects, and spatial organization. [2]
     Final Producing
1. (15/7/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
2. (29/7/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Object and Space
1. (13/5/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
2. (12/8/2021, Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Discussion on Subtle States
(Lecturer: Yuehyueh Liu.)
     Curation Introduction
(24/6/2021, Zoe Yeh.)
     X VI.
     Final Examination and Exhibition Curation
(16/9/2021, Lecturer:Yuehyueh Liu.)

[2] The works will be exhibited at the XueXue stage for 4 days.

(8/4/2021,劉悅德 授)
(22/4/2021,劉悅德 授)
(29/4/2021,劉悅德 授)
(5/8/2021,劉悅德 授)
(2/9/2021,劉悅德 授)

(15/4/2021,劉悅德 授)
(6/5/2021,高小糕 授)
(4/9/2021,劉悅德 授)
(26/8/2021,Prasadini 授)
(9/9/2021,劉悅德 授)
(19/8/2021,王嘉明 授)

1. (15/7/2021,劉悅德 授)
2. (29/7/2021,劉悅德 授)
1. (13/5/2021,劉悅德 授)
2. (12/8/2021,劉悅德 授)
(劉悅德 授)
(24/6/2021,葉佳蓉 授)

[2] 作品將於 XueXue Stage 進行為期四天的展出。