Aiming to establish an inspiring and collaborative community, Taipei Art Direction and Design Association (TPadd assoc.) provides a platform for designers to explore the form of Taiwanese art directing. Instead of a position, we take art directing as a core essence that facilitates the implementation of aesthetics in various creative-based industries (e.g. business running, curating, editing). Through issue discussions and project practices, TPadd assoc. is committed to provoking the creative intention of the general public, researching the elevation of identities and traditional concepts, and assisting various industries to contemporize.

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Exploring the Transmission of Information and the Relationship Between People and Things

Among artists working within the literary interpretation of art, K.Chen undoubtedly stands out. The world he presents appears to be built by codes, constantly mesmerizing viewers, and his background in science, industrial design, and architecture inspires him to explore the relationship between information transmission, people, and objects in his graphic designs. His works reveal an obsession with logic and his perception of how “data” converts into “information” in the human brain.

K. Chen is currently enrolled at ArtEZ in the Netherlands. He briefly returned to Taipei for work and studies in 2020