New Now: Critical, Speculative and Fictional

Oct 10-Nov 15, 2020

The concept of Speculative Design was outlined by British designers Dunne & Raby in their book Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction and Social Dreaming. The book discusses the design processes of the 20th century, which concentrated on manufacturing, serving industry, and problem solving, and the 21st century’s shift towards design as discussion, a service to society, and a means of positing questions.

Faced with one of the theories affecting international contemporary design, the exhibition New Now advocates that people's attention to speculative design should focus on its nature, which enriches the textual connotation of design. It should not be generalized in terms of established categorical cognitions. As a kind of nature, “speculation” can be practiced in all design objects, and is an ideological system that crosses media and forms. This allows design to be autonomous, without the need for a “client” and to become a dialectical object, not unlike novels or movies.

The exhibition goes a step further to propose an understanding of contemporary design. The trend of neo-minimalism in international visual communication means that design is moving from decoration to message, from interpretation to description, so as to respond to the content-era when science is more exciting than science fiction and reality is more hyperreal than fiction. The existence of speculation is the positive force that drives the design from “package” to “content”.

Exhibitors: Alice Wang, Cai-Hua Xie, Chia-Yin Wu, Chin-Lin Tu, Guan-Hao Zhu, Kuang-Yi Ku, Paul Gong, Pei-Ying Lin, Pin-Hsun Hsiung, Te-Chen Chuan Sun, Tsung-Shuian Hsieh, Ya-Ching Yang, Yi-Chun Lan, Yi-Ju Lin.

Organizer: TPadd Assoc./ Curatorial Direction & Production: digital medicine lab, tuanco., oval-graphic/ Foreword: Huai-An Hsing/ Visual Design: Chung-Yi Yeh (graphic), Pin-Hsu Chiang (motion)/ Exhibition & Graphic Design: tuanco./ Exhibition Production: JKS Studio, uPrint/ PR & PM: Yun-Yu Chou/ Printing: Liu Ying Ming, Wei-Yang Print Plan Agent, Youngerprint Technology Co., Ltd/ Special thanks to Sunsun Museum

View Beyond Reality: The Radical Imagination of Speculative Design

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