This series focuses on the field of Pictorial Art. Visual workers and philosophical speakers analyze the core issues of Pictorial Ar or discuss the current situation of the current environment, sort out recent questions about graphic art, and explore possible future paths.

The Authenticity of Contemporary Photography 當代攝影的本真性
The Aesthetics of Graphic Art 圖像藝術的審美
Confusion of Contemporary Images 當代影像困惑
“Creativity and mental disorders are often closely related, and genius and madness are a fine line between... sometimes they feel inspired or ecstatic, and sometimes their understanding is meaningless to others.”

This dialogue in the TV series The Queen’s Gambit reminds us of the confusion brought about by contemporary art. Is art an existential nihility, a misunderstanding of the author, or a message blocking the threshold of awareness? In this talks, Yc Chen, with art workers I–Hsuen Chen and Yo Yang, discussed the narrative structure of contemporary photography and video and the impact of social pulsation on visual culture.

影集《后翼棄兵》中這段對話,令我們聯想到當代藝術帶來的困惑。藝術是實存的虛無、是作者的誤會、或是阻隔著覺察門檻的訊息?本場講座由朋丁 依秋,與藝術工作者 陳以軒、楊雅淳,討論了當代攝影和影像的敘事結構,以及社會脈動對視覺文化的影響。
I–Hsuen Chen. Board Landscape.