Pluralism and Interiority Reflected in Applied Arts

April 6, 2022

“The true meaning of the so-called pluralism should be to build a bridge of dialogue, to step out of one's own narrow perspective and expand one's own experience, but now it has become an excuse to divide society and create confrontation.”

The book The Diversity Delusion analyzes American culture and educational policy with social issues, and addresses the contemporary problems faced by multiculturalism: the loss of value criteria and the abandonment of the tradition of seeking truth.

The criterion that individuals lose their value in the process of constructing subjectivity implies the danger of “choosing a position”, becoming pan-politicized, establishing the “acceptance” of pluralism on the premise of “exclusivity”, and gradually deviating from the expectations of a multicultural society’s goals that respect similarities and differences.

Accelerated progress and ever-changing boundaries have been observed. To understand the driving forces of the phenomenon, Boundaries of Acceptance deconstructed the sociopsychology reflected between the motivations of the consumer market and the communication strategies of creators. This applied arts-centered project responded to the theme by drawing on the practices of the creators. Exploring the entirety from the process of building individual subjectivity, the project attempts to offer reconciliation for the progressive and conservative ends.

Yi-Chiu Chen, the Executive Director of TPadd assoc. and the manager of pon ding Bookstore, and Peng Xingkai, the Chairman of TPadd assoc. and a graphic designer shared successful cases from around the world at the seminar. The inspiring examples presented how applied arts can serve as an intermediary between society and arts; reflect how creators reconciled their inner identities with diverse values; provide a retrospective view on the impact of severing design from applied arts. Collectively, the speakers bounced ideas about the landscape for Taiwan's creators and unveiled the series of seminars.

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