Summer Internship 1st

This program is only open to students living in Taiwan.

This program aims to increase the hands-on industry experience of incoming design workers. The internship recruits students under the age of 25 to rotate in two work units during the summer vacation. Participants will receive training in brand design as well as new media front-end research and back-end design projects and will experience the methodologies and work environments within different teams.

Students will rotate in the two companies or teams for one-month internships between July and August. Interns are obliged to attend the group reading meetings held every two weeks, exchange internship experience with students from other teams, and publish the results of the internship in a public lecture after graduation. All proceeds from the lecture will go to the speakers.

2021 New Media Group Training Unit:

Digital Medicine Lab–Founded in 2016, the lab serves as an important design and speculative design group in Taiwan. Their field of work spans various types such as graphic, digital multimedia, and interactive exhibitions, and experiments with digital forms of expression in creation.

27 Design–An influential motion design team from Taiwan which prepares online learning courses for the promotion of motion design. The firm has worked on motion graphic design for international companies such as Google, Disney, and many large exhibitions sponsored by the Taiwanese government.

2021 Branding Group Training Unit:

nomo®creative–This design studio has developed distinctive image concepts and clear-structured identification systems and physical packaging for various types of brands. With works spanning the arts and humanities, catering and entertainment, fashion film and television, science and technology medical and other industries, their visual strategies begin with a brand’s identity.

Studio Pros–Starting from user experience, Studio Pros provide brand and visual related design services, using unique and interesting visual vocabularies to convey stories to customers to promote brands, create value for customers through design, and provide them with more possibilities.

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