The Creative Subjectivity of Paper and Typeface Makers

December 6, 2021

In the exhibition Obliteration, sponsored by Auspic Paper, performance artist Chen Jun-Yu sat on a roughly two-meter stack of white paper and cut out shapes along the lines of his body, as if to explain the grandeur of Auspic Paper with intention: transforming paper into a medium for carrying art. In recent years, Arphic typeface makers has been shifting from the overseas market to the Taiwan, not only developing a variety of traditional fonts in a new era, but also establishing the media type objects to deepen the connection between graphic designers and the font industry.

These organizations form a new generation of content creators, while also recontextualizing the basis of traditional industries. In this lecture, Wayne Cheng, head of Auspic Paper, and Ethan Chiou, from Arphic’s Global Strategic Development Department, will discuss how they use paper and fonts to bring content to audiences in the information age, and connect culture and to its future.

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