How South Korea Became Asia's Visual Pioneer

October 20, 2021

Beginning in 2020, Imagine your Korea, the official brand of KTO, the Korea Tourism Organization, has successively released a series of videos Feeling the Rhythm of Korea︎︎︎. In contrast to the respective development of different fields in Taiwan, South Korea has shown a high degree of cultural integration in the cultural content the country exports to the world. The underground and mainstream no longer have a clear sense of boundaries, symbolizing the common mission of the market and cultural workers who respect similarities and differences.

Headed by the PaTI Design Institute founded by Ahn Sang Soo, South Korea has been actively refining its artistic spirit and cultural subjectivity through graphic design since 2012, and has cultivated internationally recognized designers such as Jin & Park, and Kim Do-hyung, who have a applied a continental methodology.

Under the policy of active communication with continental ideas of design, creators like Yehwan Song practice counter-intuitive and dehumanizing interface exploration in the rigid domain of web design. Perhaps it is fair to say that the cultural policy of leaving Asia and joining Europe has successfully put South Korea on the international contemporary design stage, becoming a design distinguished Asian country after Japan.

This lecture invites O.OO Studio to take their own experiences of engaging South Korean culture and their favorite works as examples to share how South Korean style runs through different carriers, and is recognized by the local government, consumer markets, and the world across generations. O.OO has more practical interviews with designers in the fields of web design, graphic design, and programs in South Korea, examining the commonality of cross-form creation in many ways, and trying to clarify the attributes of the South Korean style.

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